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The Importance of Exercise for Your Dog

Jan 5, 2021 | Pet Tips

Make daily exercise a part of your dog’s regular routine. Dogs that are taken on walks or allowed to run and play in an enclosed area outdoors are less likely to become bored during the day. Properly socializing your dog and allowing him to interact with other animals during exercise is an added bonus. Dogs that are allowed to exercise with others will be both physically and mentally engaged.

Spend time with your dog. Dogs are social pack animals and need attention from other dogs or their human companions to be happy. Include your dog whenever possible in family activities, car rides and time spent outdoors and allow the dog to be close to family members while at home. Play games such as fetch, work on training new commands and tricks or get involved with a new activity. Teaching your dog something new is a great way to keep it from getting bored, as is participating in activities such as agility classes.

Provide a variety of toys for your dog. Choose toys based on the dog’s personality and size. Chew toys are a good option for bored dogs and have the added benefit of being good for their teeth. Rope and squeak toys may also intrigue your dog. Puzzle toys require a dog to exhibit ingenuity.

Use a Kong toy to keep a bored dog occupied. A Kong is a toy that can be stuffed with different treats, such as peanut butter, yogurt or canned dog food. After stuffing a Kong, stick it in the freezer and allow the food to harden inside the toy before giving it to your dog. Getting the frozen treat out will keep a dog busy for a few hours.

Hire a professional pet-sitter to visit with your dog if it is always alone, even if it is just once or twice a week. Ask a neighbor who is home when you are not to visit or take your dog for a midday walk. The added attention and exercise will prevent boredom. Another option is to consider getting your dog a companion if a second dog can fit into your family’s lifestyle.

Participate in local organized events. There are many clubs all over the nation that provide activities for you and your dog to engage in together.

Take your dog to your veterinarian to rule out any underlying health issues if the animal remains lethargic, stressed or depressed.

Tips & Warnings

All dogs need some sort of mental and physical stimulation every day. Provide this for your dog and avoid problems associated with boredom.

Never punish a dog for acting out of boredom. Instead, solve the problem by providing toys and interactive treats and by spending more time with the animal.