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January 2021 Newsletter

Jan 19, 2021 | Newsletter

News you can use!!!

Happy Adopters Finding Lifelong Friends

Jynx with her new mom!

Lynn with her new family!

Timber found her new mom!

Shadow with his new family!

Woody with his new family!

Animal Winter Safety Tips

All animals react differently to the cold, even if they are considered to be “cold-weather” animals. Age, health, regular exposure to the cold, and more can affect how your animal may experience health consequences in colder temperatures. Consult your veterinarian for more information on how to care for your own pet’s health this winter. At 45°F, young, elderly and/or sick animals can begin to suffer health consequences.

Provide a Shelter

Make sure your pet has access well-insulated shelter when weather reaches 32°F.

Walking Your Dog

Consider shortening your walks and/or providing your pet with additional clothing during this chilly weather. 

Warning Signs

Watch for any signs that an animal may be getting too cold. 

Pet Care Kit

Always be prepared for loss of heat and/or power outages to your home. Prepare a pet care kit so you have what you need for your pet if you need to leave in a hurry. Learn more at AlexandriaAnimals.org/CareKit.

Make Some Noise

Don’t forget about our wild neighbors who may use your vehicle as a wind block in these temperatures. Make plenty of noise and give them time to make their exit before driving aay.

Click the image above to view larger version for more details.


Come and get your dog or cat microchipped for $30 today!
We were able to reunite a cat that was missing for 6 months with their owner!

Terry’s Corner

Wishing you all a wonderful and blessed winter. I know 2020 has been a very challenging year for all of us. We have had so many changes, sadness, and heartbreaks, yet 2021 is here to bring us great hope, enthusiasm, and commitment to making our future better. Our four-legged friends have given so many adopters lots of love and companionship which is awesome for all. All our construction is finished, and our animals have heat in the winter and cool air in the summer. They also now have 7 play yards to get lots of exercise in play groups. This helps them with their social interactions with other dogs and makes them more adoptable. Special thanks to our Donors!! Whether it was monetary, drop offs, In kind goodies, or special orders. Your continued support is greatly appreciated. We could not do it without your generosity. Special thanks to our Volunteers who have done, “The and then some!” During the pandemic, weather, and much more. Our animals have been blessed by your continued support rain or shine. Special thanks to our Board of Directors for their con-tinued support to make our humane society what it is today. They continue to preserve and up-hold our mission. Our Staff has shown outstanding resilience and tenacity in caring for our animals in 2020! They have faced many challenges, changes, and adversities yet they still show up everyday to help care for our animals. During the pandemic, we did not have an option to close, we are considered an essential service. Our staff continues to care for our animals every-day. We have implemented measures to keep the staff and public safe. Our adoptions have been done virtually as we continue into 2021. It takes a team to achieve the goals set out before us.

Abundantly Blessed

Terry, Executive Director

Help Out Our Animal Friends

Donate Today!

MCHS exists to protect our animal friends and strengthen the community, a mission that can only be realized through the help of generous donors and volunteers like you. From dog walking and kitty cuddling to fundraising and community outreach, we have a variety of needs and opportunities available.

Please call 270-443-5923 to find out how you can donate your time, talents and resources to help further our cause or donations can be mailed to:
McCracken County Humane Society
4000 Coleman Road
Paducah, KY 42001

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we can not take any volunteers at this time! Please keep checking with us for details!

Other Ways to Help

Kroger Plus

Shop with your Kroger Plus card and Kroger donates to our shelter. Sign up here to connect your Kroger Plus Card to the McCracken County Humane Society (#88796).

Senior Citizens Adopting Senior Dogs (6+)

Help brighten the lives of our community’s seniors and animals that are waiting for lifelong homes. Adopters over 65 years of age, who cannot afford the full adoption fee, will receive a 50% discount on selected senior dogs or cats everyday.

Stop & Adopt

Mark your calendar for
National Adoption Weekend!
September 13-15, 2021

Adoption Weekend!
July 27, 2021
August 10, 2021

Amazon Smile

So many of you already order from Amazon. Please log into smile.amazon.com, and choose McCracken Co Humane Society as your preferred charity, and a donation is made to McCracken County Humane So-ciety based on your purchase total. Shop for yourself or shop for items on our Wish List above and help a shelte

Sign up for Amazon Smile!


Don’t forget you can order Croissants at Rafferty’s and the proceeds will go to MCHS to help us with our animals


Buy your pet food from Chewy and they’ll donate $20 to our center!
Shop with Chewy.com!

Featured Pet

Meet Freya!

DOB: 02/24/2020

Spayed Female Current on vaccinations, boosters and worming Microchipped Heartworm negative and on prevention

Flea/Tick prevention

Weight: 30 lbs

Our Wish List

For Our Animal Friends


Medium and large dog beds


Dog Kongs


Kitten Pate with no fish


Desperately in need of kitty litter


Blankets and sheets


Trash bags and paper towels


Odoban (original scented)

Numbers at a Glance

2020 Year to Date Animal Count (As of December)

Total Intake Cats & Dogs

Total Adopted

Total In House Currently


Reclaimed Dogs

POD Cats

Total Died at Shelter*

Total Euthanized*

* Due to illness or aggression

Board of Directors

President: Mark Whitlow

Vice President: Sheila Johnston

Secretary: Marian Downing

Treasurer: Kim Beeny

Victor Sredl

Pat Vannerson

Matthew Cahen

Donna Johnson

Ex. Director: Terry Vannerson


Everyone here at McCracken County Humane Society would like to Welcome

Dr. Lisa N. Henderson to our staff.

Dr. Henderson is MCHS’s new in house vet.


TNR Cat Program

We will be revisiting the TNR program soon with the new vet. So please stay tuned for the up coming decisions!

Thank You, Croft Construction!

A HUGE thank you and shout out to Croft Construction for the amazing additions on the facility. Now all our furbabies can stay warm in the winter and cool in the summer!!

Thank you

To All Of Our Wonderful Donors!

Margaret Aders

Dan Akin

Nancy Alexander

Nevada Brummal

Susan Bucy

Ms. Linda Bush

Rexann Canter

James & Joyce Carman

John & Laurie Carner

Charles & Robyn Carrico

John Carrico

Patricia Carrico

Adam M. Chustz

Bill Conyer

Jonathan Cooper

Alexander Corle

Teri S. Coscarelli

Charles Cox

Mayna Craggs

JT Crawford

Jessica Crippen

Rebecca Crouch

Charles & Carolyn Davis

Tristan & Amber Davis

John & Elaine Dehlschlaeger

Denise O’Connor

Betty D-Fitchett

James & Diane Dodson

Nancy Duff

Candy Dunn

Jo Echols

Denise & Terence Eckrich

Nancy Effinger

Terry & Kelly Hudspeth

Marcia Fasnacht

Ashley Fee

Leigha Fenwick

Betty Fowler

Rene A. Frasher

Susanna French

Sara R. Fuller

Roger-Anne & David Gardner

Doreen & George Gates

Kristi & Jerry Gillette

Pam Gipson

Candie Glasscock

Sherry Golightly

Erin Gottman

Wallace Grace

Bill & Mary Graves

Louise Green

Jimmy & Tammy Griffith

Shannon Grotti

Carol Guill

Roberta & Richard Guill

Gary & Janet Hacker

Byon & Brenda Hamlin

Ann & Sherrod Hay

John Hayley

Janet Haynes

Carole Haywood

Patti Herring

Kate & Joe Don House

Terry & Bebbie Howle

Lynda Hubbs

James Hudson

Penny Husher

Lynn & Mike Hutchcraft

Jessica Ingram

Jeff J. Johnson

Nancy Johnston

Rachael Johnston

Sheila Johnston

Terry Katzman

William & Latisha Kautz

Paula Keller

Carnell & Connie Kelly

Claire & Dan Key

Janie Kirkpatrick

Trent Kreitler

Sammie Lambert

James & Tammie Langston

Tracey Larrison

Karen Larson

Michael Lasher

Carolyn J. Lawrence

Carol Little

Barbara Livingston

Carolyn Long

Mimi Lowry

Mary Lou Lyles

Mr. & Mrs. Kerry Lynn

Charles Manchester

Maanasa Manchikanti

Susan Mangina

Debra K. Manley

Emma Mathis

Carolyn Mayo

Mollie W. McCurdy

Jo McGhee

J Horner & Betty McManus

Rodger Dale & Marilyn Melugin

Stanley & Lucia Mitchell

Jennifer Moore

Anna Moore

Evelyn P. Morrison

Neal & Patty Morrison

Wendy Murt

Carolyn M. Nelson

Robin & Kevin Nelson

Tom & Janice Nelson

Michael & Tanya Newcomb

Joanie Nichols

Wendal Nickell

Lori Noles

Glen & Regina Noss

Carolyn Obermark

John & Elaine Oehlschlaeger

John & Lena O’Nan

Sharon Otey

Jerry L. Page

Debra Patterson

Addie Payne

Foster & Vickie Pearson

Don & Martha Peck

James & Evelyn Petterson

Joseph & Vickie Pittard

Randolph Plemons

Sarah Prater

Beverly Pugh

Taylor D. Rawson

Mike & Sheila Rea

Sue Reid-Draper

Kathy & David Reynolds

Marsha Reynolds

Steve Rich

Margaret Roberts

Robert & Dawne Robertson

James Rodgers

Ed & Vicki Roe

Todd Rose

Susan Rubenacker

Carolyn A. Rudolph

Martha S. Ryan

John & Kimberly Schlei

Donna & Melvin Schmidt

Joyce Schoening

Steven & Kristy Schwetman

Tammy Sexton

Kimberely Shea

Lynne Shelbourne

Judy Shepherd

Nancy Shepherd

Suzanne & Steven Shidal

James & Camilla Shumaker

Sue Sietsma

Carmen Simison

Barry & Amy Smith

Pamela Smith

Stephen & Lynne Smith

Barry & Amy Smith

Dan & Tonya Snyder

Robin Sparks

Charles & Marcia Stacey

Amanda Steele

George & Mary Stephens

Lisa & Andrew Stewart

Kim Stokes

Shawanna Swanson

Christi Sweeney

Dwain Taylor

C. Deane & David Thomas

Steve & Renee Tilley

Ingrid Tkach

Donna & John Trogolo

Mike Troutman

Carol Turner

Margaret Turner

Annemarie Tutor

Katherine Umstead

L.C. & Brenda Valentine

Pat & Terry Vannerson

Anthony & Debra Vaughan

Ruth Ann Viehland

Jeanna & Charles Wallace

Burton Washburn

Natalie Welker

Mark C. Whitlow

Vernon L. Wills

Betty & Robert Wise

Kathy & Harold Woodall

Bradley & Karen Woods

Shirley Wrinkle

Lisa Wulff

Sisca Yates

Donna York

Frank & Cyndi Young

Ralph & Stephanie Young

Emily Young


If you can’t adopt


If you can’t foster


If you can’t sponsor


If you can’t volunteer


If you can’t donate



In Memory of Annie

Ron & Cheris Alexander

In Memory of Dorothy Kirchhoff

Larry Anderson

Stuart Billington

Mike & Kaloia Boatwright

Butch & Beverly Bradley

David Denton

William & Ann Denton

Sarah Dyer

Richard & Jane Flowers

David & Dale Gentner

Todd & Karen Harper

Karla Helm

Margaret Igert

Claire & Dan Key

John & Frances Kraus

Gary & Lupe McMillan

Christy & Mark Meisenheimer

Don & Martha Peck

Beverly Pugh

Ginny & David Reed

Charles Rudolph

Ashley & Tom Shadoan

Susan Smith

John & Kristin Williams

Buzzard Brothers BBQ

Katterjohn Drug Store

Craig Edmonds

Roof Brothers Wine & Spirits INC.

In Memory of Austin Patterson

Linda Austin

Debra Patterson

In Memory of Rae Nell West

Don Baker

In Memory of Russell Walton

Roland & Frances Bell

George & Janet Neuhausel

Donna York

In Memory of Glenda Wooley

Gary & Diane Boyarski

Richard & Jennie Boyarski

Clark Elementary School

In Memory of Brenda Skees Miller

Class of 1974 Caldwell High School

Craig & Chelsie Hodge

Ruth Ann Viehland

Kelly Withrow

In Memory of William Cownie

Phyllis Flowers

In Memory of Lisa Boss

Sherry Golightly

In Memory of Garilyn Riisberg

Trent Kreitler

In Memory of Liz Shelby

James & Tammie Langston

In Memory of Carol Hannon

Kimberly Ann Mittendorf

In Memory of Joye Lamb

Sandra Morgan

In Memory of Jo Hearn

Larry & Janice Nesler

In Memory of Glen Otey

Sharon Otey

In Memory of Beloved Family

Sue Ellen & Robert Feldner

In Memory of Juanita Henderson

William & Elaine Robertson

In Memory of Beloved Mother

Robert Seely

In Memory of Bunker Carlos & Chloe Cecil

Steve & Renee Tilley

In Memory of Gilda Vannerson

Pat & Terry Vannerson

In Memory of Jo Hearn

George & Nancy Welborn

In Memory of Brian Pointdexter Family

Eileen Wild

In Memory of Bennie Knight

Residents Inn

In Memory of Sarah Alexander

Washburn Key & Lowry PLLC

In Memory of Ruth Ford

Beverly Pugh

In Memory of John Best

Brian Black

Pet Memorials

In Memory of Sargent Carrico

Charles & Robin Carrico

In Memory of Kiki

Patti & James Champion

In Memory of Oscare

Teri S. Coscarelli

In Memory of Reedy

Roger-Ann & David Gardner

In Memory of Boland

Chris & Vicki Hunkler

In Memory of Augie, Rosie & Coco Shadoan

Claire & Dan Key

Beverly Pugh

Robert & Dawne Robertson

In Memory of Good Girl

Joanie Nichols

In Memory of Dixie & Josie

John & Lena O’Nan

In Memory of Chewey Behbehani

Jerry L. Page

In Memory of Cat Gary, Caldwell Family

Carolyn Roof

In Memory of Hux

Tracy Wallace


In Honor of Kent Price’s Birthday

Charlene Brown

In Honor of Grand-dogs– Jax, Hank & Boone

Rich & Mona Diefenbach

In Honor of Brenda Miller

Craig Edmonds

In Honor of Sue Homra

Laurie & David Latham

In Honor of Laurie Pallere & Joyce Sims

Louis & Sally Michelson

In Honor of Sonny

Carolyn Obermark

In Honor of Tom Nelson’s Birthday

Deborah & Dan Reynolds

In Honor of Conrad Love

Renee Snead

In Honor of Herb Ashley

Bonnie & Donald Stewart

In Honor of Bud

C. Deane & David Thomas

In Honor of Willis Ann Lambert

RHCC Ladies Cup Team

In Honor of June Stodghill

Fleur De Lis Garden Club

In Honor of Gina Caturano


Thank you!

An extra special thank you to those who have donated In-Kind/Monetary donations or have provided sponsor fees. This has been a challenging year on everyone and we are incredibly grateful for the outpouring of support we have been shown. We look forward to the new year!

In Kind Donations

Terri Bryant

Teri S. Coscarelli

JT Crawford

Jessica Crippen

Lona Culberth

Jill Dismore

Steve England

Gayla Hobbs

Alisha Fleming

Steve G.

Tanner Hagood

Julie Harrison

Ann & Sherrod Hay

Gayla Hobbs

John Hodges

Nyla Holder

Bonnie Holmes

Rebecca Lambert

Mariann Lankton

Carol Little

Madison & James Loving

Tammy Sexton

Carmen Simison

Rose Sink

Daphne Smith

Bonnie & Donald Stewart

Haley Thomason

Anthony & Debra Vaughan

Linda Wexler

Angela White

Kaitlyn Wilson

Sherley Wright

Donna York

Shannon Lurtz

Leigh Manley

Kimberly Ann Mittendorf

Mildred Moore

Neal & Patty Morrison

Leigh Ann Paxton

Jess Puffebarger

Marsha Reynolds

Organization Donors

Brescia University


Dwain Taylor Chevy, Buick, GMC, Cadillac

Hale Pet Door

Health Tech Professional Products Inc

Horizon Rest. Group, INC.

Move Reality LLC

Paducah Bank Wow!

Peck & Milford

Purchase Area Cleaning

Purchase Area Development

Residents Inn

Stifel Investments

St. Matthew Lutheran Church

Toyota of Murray

Washburn Key & Lowry PLLC

Paducah Ford

Roof Brothers wine & spirits INC

US Bank

Billing Therapy Solutions

Stifel Investments

St Francis De Sales Catholic Church



Robert Baird & Co


St. Francis de Sales

Jackson House Apartments and WB Sanders Retirement Center

Troop #2032 Account Girl Scouts of